Rev. Dr. Shively Smith

Scholar, Teacher, Preacher, Writer

Ever since I was 16, I've been a student of the bible and other sacred texts. Dedicated to the life of the mind and heart, I go about my work as a scholar and teacher of biblical texts and histories with hopes of making a difference in the world that speaks informed, courageous, and spirit-filled truth.  I'm proud to have studied and collaborated with some of the most committed and educated scholars, teachers, and preachers in theological education, the Church universal,  and beyond. Each day, I aim to grow in my understanding and faith to create bridges for people from different walks of life to talk to each other. We must develop our capacities and commitments to learn from each other and to affirm the human dignity we each are entitled to as God's creation. I come alive when I am learning with others and the Bible is my way of entering that learning and conversation space. I hope you join me sometime in that journey be it in my writing, teaching, or preaching. Let us learn and grow together faithfully.